ICUL Service Corporation

Northwest Illinois Chapter Calendar







January 2015 no meeting

February 11, 2015 Chapter Meeting TBA, The organizer is Donna Deets, the topic is Election/Growing Technology

March 11, 2015 Chapter Meeting at Advantage One CU, the organizer is Susan Bentley, the topic is IYIC

April 8, 2015 Chapter Meeting at Manny's in Savanna, IL, the topic is a Retirement Fair
the organizers are Melanie, Rhonda, and Donna

May 13, 2015 Chapter Meeting at Just Us, the topic is Employee Appreciation, the organizer is Melanie Macy

June 10, 2015 Chapter Meeting at the Candlelight Inn in Sterling, IL, the organizer is Lori Tiekelmeier, the topic is Legislative Appreciation

July 17, 2015 No Meeting

August 13, 2015 ICUL CEO Meet and Greet 

August 20-21, 2015 Fox Valley and Brietzke Joint Chapter Meeting



















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