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“Swap and Save!


                     Date:          June 21, 2016

                     Time:          6:00 p.m.

                     Place:         Land of Lincoln CU (Prosperity Office)


As a way to promote thrift, savings, and recycling, we will host the first-ever Greater Decatur Chapter of Credit Unions Swap Party! Swap Parties are the latest way to update your wardrobe or cupboard without buying new things. At a Swap Party, a group of people get together to swap items – from clothes to toys, books to sports equipment. To participate, bring good quality, working items you no longer want and exchange them for other items. You’ll exchange your items for token. Once all the items are displayed, you’ll get to browse and swap the tokens for items brought by other people! You are permitted to redeem one item per token.


Helpful Hint: bring your items in a large bag or laundry basket and then use it while you’re shopping for new items!


The cost of the meeting is $7.00 per person and dinner will be served. You can register for the meeting by clicking on the button below.


Please Note: In 2016, each meeting a person attends between January and September earns him/her (1) entry in the Employee Prize Drawing at the All Employee Appreciation Dinner in October. Additional entries can be earned for each new person an employee brings to a chapter meeting between January and September.


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