ICUL Service Corporation

May 30, 2014

Beginning June 1, 2014, the e-mail address for League employees will change to a much simpler “” extension from the “” form you have grown accustomed to using.  Nothing else about the address or e-mail delivery will change, as the “firstname.lastname@” format will still be used.  The biggest change will be any e-mail sent by a League employee will now show the “” address after their name.

Please be sure to save your League staff e-mail contacts with the “” extension to your e-mail spam filter so our e-mails will continue to reach your inbox directly.  For your reference, e-mails that still happen to be sent with the “” extension will continue to be delivered.

Lastly, please note this change does not affect the League’s Web site, which will continue to be  In addition, this change does not affect LSC staff.  Their e-mail will remain the same with the "@LSC.NET" extension.
Please let us know if you have any questions with regard to this change.  We hope you find this to be a more efficient manner in which to communicate with League staff via e-mail.

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