ICUL Service Corporation

April 3, 2013

Office of General Counsel:
Stephen R. Olson  630/983-3405 (o)
Carol W. Bertoux  630/983-3407 (o)
Lynn W. Esp  630/983-3409 (o)
Brad Bergmooser  630/983-4263 (o)

In the League, we have recently experienced retirements of long-term employees that have caused us to make some operational adjustments. As those adjustments relate to the Office of General Counsel (OGC), this is a good time to re-confirm how you may access staff to address your legal compliance questions.

First, you should feel free to continue to contact Carol, Lynn, Brad or me directly.  Our direct lines and email addresses are noted above.  If we are unable to immediately take the call, please leave a voice mail message and we will respond within 24 hours.  Alternatively, email messages are a good way to reach us, especially when we’re in the Springfield office working on the League’s legislative agenda.

Second, you may always call the League’s 800 number (800-942-7124) or general number 630-983-3400 and ask for assistance from our office, without requesting to speak to a particular attorney.  If no one is immediately available, a message will be taken and our administrative staff will get back in touch with you within 24 hours to let you know who the responding attorney will be (unless the responding attorney gets back to you quicker than that).

Third, there may be some confusion on Con O’Mahoney’s status that I need to address.  As many of you know, Con retired on November 1, 2012, after almost 37 years of service.  However, we immediately retained Con as an independent contractor to continue to provide assistance as a compliance analyst.  With his background and experience with respect to regulatory matters, he remains a great resource for us and you.  Con is available to address your compliance questions, upon your call to our office.  Either our administrative assistant or one of us will refer the matter to Con and then you and he may deal directly with each other to address your question.  To avoid any confusion, it is important to note Con is available as a function of your dues.  There is no "consulting fee" required.

Fourth, speaking of OGC services brought to you as a function of dues, I encourage you to avail yourself of our new InfoSight and PolicyPro services. Unlike some other states, we have chosen to offer those online regulatory compliance services without the payment of any fee.  We own InfoSight in conjunction with ten other state leagues and contribute directly to the substantive content of those services.  We are available to respond to any questions you may have as to their applicability to your particular situation.  Many credit unions have told us they find these new technology services very useful and if you have not given them a try, we encourage you to do so.  Here is the information you need in order to access InfoSight and PolicyPro:

  InfoSight (online regulatory compliance system):

  Available through the League’s homepage:
                    –     Click on "Office of General Counsel"

  User Name and Password:  Same as provided by the League for all member protected information.
–      If you are uncertain as to your credit union’s unique password, please contact:

  PolicyPro (online library of sample policies for every aspect of credit union operations):

  Each credit union receives its own manual, so registration is required.

  To Register:  Go to the League’s homepage:
                    –     Click on "Office of General Counsel"; then "CU PolicyPro Registration"
                    –     You will then receive an email packet from  
                           (including your credit union’s login information)

Hopefully, this message helps to confirm how you may access the compliance services offered by the League through the Office of General Counsel.  At the League Board of Directors meeting held in March, CUNA staff presented a summary of the League member satisfaction survey that it recently conducted for us.  In terms of value perceived for League affiliation, OGC compliance guidance was again identified as one of the most important areas of service provided.  We intend to keep it that way.

Thank you for your support.

Stephen R. Olson
EVP & General Counsel

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