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Illinois Credit Union League Statement of Non-endorsement

ICUL has recently been notified of some credit unions receiving a letter from Steve Holland, the founder of an entity called "Credit Union Loss Mitigation."  Specifically, the solicitation erroneously states that the credit union was "referred" by ICUL.  ICUL has never, expressed or implied, granted any approval or endorsement of the products and services provided by Steve Holland or "Credit Union Loss Mitigation."  The vendors affiliated with ICUL go through an extensive due diligence procedure prior to being marketed to member credit unions.  “Credit Union Loss Mitigation” has not undergone any vetting process, therefore, ICUL does not sanction or support any product or service it provides. 

If you have any questions please contact Brad Bergmooser, ICUL Corporate Counsel at 800.942.7124 ext. 4263.

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