ICUL Service Corporation

ICUL Staff Directory

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Office of the President
Sean Hession, President & CEO

Office of General Counsel
Steve Olson, EVP, General Counsel & COO
Lynn Esp, Associate General Counsel
Con O’Mahoney, Compliance Consultant
Stephanie Collazo, Legal Executive Assistant
Kari Osier, Legal Secretary
Member Services
Vicki Ponzo, Senior Vice President, Member Services
Melanie Murphy, Manager, Member Services
Diane Rotolo, Member Service Secretary

Communications and Regulatory Affairs
Patrick Smith, Vice President, Communications and Regulatory Affairs
Joni Senkpeil, Director of Small Credit Union Development
Will Wille, Public Relations Coordinator

Governmental Affairs
Keith Sias, Vice President, Governmental Affairs
Ashley Niebur, Manager, State Governmental Affairs
Pat Huffman, Political Action Director/CUPAC
Debbie Bindler, Governmental Relations Assistant
Jennifer Midden, Governmental Relations Assistant

Educational Development
Gregory Framarin, Director, Educational Development
Sondra Becker, Meeting & Event Coordinator
Drew Kayvani, Education Program Developer
Cheryl Washington,
Educational Events & Marketing Coordinator

Regional Management
Ron Culen, Vice President, Regional Management
(Aurora, Doig, Kankakee, and Northern Cook County Chapters)
Joyce Jackson, Regional Director
(Chicago Metro, William H. Brietzke chapters)
Pat Voss, Regional Director
(Egyptian, George G. Burnett, Danville Area, Greater Decatur, John L. Kelly, Quincy, R.W. Boyle, and Southern Illinois chapters)
Rick Goluszka, Regional Director
(Central Illinois, Galesburg, Illinois Quad Cities, Northwest Illinois, and Sangamon Valley chapters)

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