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Illinois Credit Union System Departmental Overviews


The Illinois Credit Union League is the primary trade association for credit unions in Illinois and provides its members with compliance and other pertinent operating information, legislative advocacy and educational development opportunities.  Membership is open to any credit union operating in accordance with the Illinois Credit Union Act or the Federal Credit Union Act.  Credit unions apply for membership according to provisions in the League’s bylaws.

Office of the President (extension 3430)

The President’s office executes policies established by the Boards of Directors of the League and affiliated organizations, enhances and expands the credit union movement, meets the needs of member credit unions through a broad range of services, supervises and develops staff, oversees all operations and activities, accepts fiscal responsibility for all affiliated organizations, and serves as primary spokesman in public forums and with other related credit union organizations.

Office of General Counsel (extension 4264)

The Office of General Counsel has extensive experience with financial services law, particularly the federal and state regulation of credit unions.  Its practice focuses on legislative, regulatory and transactional issues affecting the credit union industry, as well as corporate law matters relevant to the operation of ICU System programs.  It serves as the liaison with the Illinois Division of Financial Institutions and directs the governmental affairs function, including all aspects of the League’s legislative advocacy efforts, and development and passage of the League’s annual legislative agenda.  The Office of General Counsel provides its member credit unions with authoritative legal, technical, regulatory and legislative information and support and ongoing analysis of laws, regulations and court decisions affecting their operations.  L&T Bulletins and the Information and Compliance Manual are produced by the Office of General Counsel, and League Infosight and PolicyPro are offered through the office.

Member Services (extension 3211)

Member Services coordinates activities of the Illinois Credit Union Foundation, REAL Solutions, financial education and outreach programs, the Illinois Youth Involvement Council, the young professionals network “CU Reach” and various awards programs, such as the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame and ICU Foundation Commemorative awards. Member Services acts as a liaison to other Leagues, CUNA, WOCCU, NCUF and other state, national and international organizations as needed.  It is also responsible for distributing Chapter meeting notices, disbursing Chapter grants, producing the credit union directory, and coordinating all aspects of League Director elections.  In addition, Member Services responds to phone calls from the public interested in joining or starting up a credit union.  This department is responsible for dues collection.

Communications and Regulatory Affairs (extension 3216)

Communications and Regulatory Affairs contacts the media, writes press releases and speeches, and is responsible for all internal and external public relations programs.  It also oversees ICUL’s social media outreach, electronic communications, including listservs, updates the League’s Web site, produces Indepth, the CUPAC Chronicle, Insight for SAS Credit Unions, onCue, and the League Director’s reports, and facilitates the Shared Chapter Advertising Program and statewide award programs (Spirit of Service, Dora Maxwell, Louis Herring and Desjardins). This department also provides critical consulting services to member credit unions with regard to regulatory, compliance and technical issues, and handles regulatory affairs on both the state and federal levels, including acting as a liaison with the Office of General Counsel to the DFI, NCUA and ASI, as well as providing advocacy and assistance with regard to the regulatory examination process. In addition, this department is responsible for identifying the needs of smaller credit unions and develops and delivers enhanced specialty services, including training, policy development and other assistance designed to build and improve their operations.

Governmental Affairs (217-744-1800 or extension 3717)

Governmental Affairs is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing legislative programs to enable the League, its affiliates and credit unions to maximize their potential, free of legislative and regulatory obstacles. Governmental Affairs also works closely with the Office of General Counsel to develop and implement the League’s yearly legislative and regulatory agenda, and serves as liaison to the League’s Legislative Committee. The department provides direction to the Credit Union Political Action Council (CUPAC), with respect to fundraising, political action programs, and political contribution recommendations; and it produces the League’s Weekly Government News electronic newsletter. Important activities coordinated by this department include: the annual Springfield Legislative Day and State Capitol visits, the Chapter Lobby Day program, and on-going lawmaker and legislative staff education about the role of credit unions in the financial marketplace.  In addition, this department coordinates Illinois’ participation in CUNA’s federal legislative programs, including CUNA’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C., and League Congressional Hike-the-Hill visits.

Educational Development (extension 3417)

This department is responsible for numerous conferences, seminars, teleconferences, the QuickBites telephone conference series, webinars and workshops scheduled throughout the year, including the annual convention, for the benefit of credit union board members, management and staff.  Subjects cover a wide range of operational and regulatory issues.  Education also coordinates Internet and telephone-based training.  In addition, Educational Development markets the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP), Staff Training and Recognition (STAR), Management Enrichment Training (MERIT), and CU Advance, which are all part of the CUNA administered Certificate Program.

Regional Management (extension 3422)

Four regional directors and two chapter liaisons consult and assist credit union executives and boards of directors in their day-to-day operations, services, programs, policies, and training, including basic and strategic planning sessions, Bank Secrecy Act, elder abuse and financial literacy.  These individuals also offer resources and financial analysis to credit unions as they consider new product and service offerings to their members, as well as assisting in the development and increased penetration levels of their products and services to ensure that credit unions achieve ongoing success.   In addition, regional directors serve as the ICU System representative within the chapter structure.

ICUL Service Corporation is a business corporation principally owned by the Illinois Credit Union League.  It functions as a credit union service organization (CUSO) under the trademark LSC providing credit unions with quality information, products and services that have value which enables them to compete in today’s financial marketplace.

Administration (extension 3458)

ICUL Service Corporation/LSC Administration Department is responsible for the overall operations and management of the ICUL Service Corporation, as well as product development and planning.  This includes support of the sales and management teams and all information technology and security functions.

Card Services Center (800-304-2273, Option 3)

Card Services helps credit unions establish and operate their own VISA or MasterCard credit card solutions.  Services offered include the full service – turnkey card programs for credit unions with LSC handling administrative and back office functions in-house.  Along with National Apollo and Illinois Apollo credit card programs for small to mid-size credit unions LSC provides a single source solution custom to any credit union.

ATM & Debit Services (800-304-2273, Option 1)

ATM & Debit Services provides support of customized ATM/ Debit programs designed to help credit unions attract new members, increase business from existing members, and offer member access to their accounts and cash at 150,000 locations worldwide.  Services include the Alliance One, CO-OP, Allpoint, and the Cash America interchange-free program.  All of the programs allow credit unions to choose access to Star, Cirrus, Plus, and many more, with LSC providing analytics to establish the best ROI for your credit union.

Prepaid Card Services (800-304-2273, Option 4)

Our prepaid cards programs offer a variety of solutions for their members.  We offer instant issue cards for year-round  gift giving, with over 60 card designs.  The CUMONEY‚Ą† Everyday Spend and Visa Travel Money® cards help credit unions provide reloadable debit card options to meet every members need.  Whether your members are looking for an alternative to the traditional debit card or a reloadable, instant issue card for traveling abroad, our cards carry the Visa logo and are accepted worldwide.

Creditors Resource Service -- CRS (extension 3495)

With the philosophy of “no collection, no charge,” CRS staff members help credit unions react quickly to collect delinquent accounts and recover charged-off monies.  Early collection minimizes losses.  CRS offers credit bureau screening, delinquency control review, pre-collection for loans 30 - 90 days delinquent, core collections for loans 90-180 days delinquent, national skip tracing, repossession placement, bankruptcy administration, and post charge-off collection recovery.

Facilities Resources (extensions 3499 and 2732)
Facilities Resources is in charge of maintaining and providing security for the building and grounds of the Illinois Credit Union Center and Centrum.  It provides direct support for the tenants in the facilities and assists the Office of General Counsel in negotiating leasehold transactions and supervising the construction of all tenant build-outs.  This department also assumes responsibility for internal equipment such as the copiers.  In addition, Facilities Resources handles mailing and shipping needs for the ICU System.

Finance (extensions 3433 and 3200)

The Finance Department provides accounting services for all Illinois Credit Union System affiliates, including monthly financial statements, cash receipts, purchasing, and disbursements.  This department is responsible for preparing departmental budgets, working with outside consultants to complete audits, risk management, investments and cash management, insurance, long range planning and administration of the employee retirement programs.

Human Resources (extensions 3191 and 3429)

Human Resources is responsible for developing policies and directing and coordinating human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, employee relations, benefits, training, and employee services to further the goals and objectives of the Illinois Credit Union System.  In addition to assisting System staff members with employment-related issues, this department handles recruitment as well as developing employee benefits programs, such as 401(k) and health insurance, and conducting in-house employee training sessions.

Product Sales (extension 3458)

Product Sales is responsible for building credit union partnerships for credit and debit card programs, prepaid programs, mobile apps with RDC functionality, and growth oriented services.  In addition, reward programs and enhanced services intended on attracting and retaining members are offered to complement your existing card programs. LSC will match the best solution to your credit union needs and then take it a step further with a devoted team of Portfolio Development experts to provide financial analysis, marketing intelligence and ROI enhancement.

Information Technology - IT (extension 6056)

Information Technology is responsible for the development, acquisition, implementation, and support of all computer systems and processes for the Illinois Credit Union System.  IT provides internal support for PC and enterprise hardware, software, peripherals, security, business continuity, data communications, and data center and technology infrastructure.  IT directly supports credit unions by developing and customizing systems (such as Cardnet, CUMONEY, and LSC Web Reports) that are used daily in their operations across the country.  In addition, this department also assumes responsibility for internal equipment such as the phone system.

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